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Got a big head? Then you’ll need a Big Hat. Finding big hats for big heads can be a challenge. Chances are, if you’re a larger headed human, you’ll be familiar with the experience of trying on a hat in a shop and swiftly discovering that instead of fitting snugly as it should, it is perched up on the crown of your head like a tiny fascinator. Or perhaps, you’ve finally found a large hat, but ultimately it’s tight and uncomfortable to wear. No thank you!

Did you know that your head keeps on growing, even after the rest of your body has stopped? That means that at some point, many of us are going to join the big-head brigade and we’ll want to look stylish as we do so.

Fear not, if you do have a larger noggin, there are plenty of options for big hats that will not only fit bigger heads, but flatter them too. You’re in the right place, and you’re in safe hands. At the Hattic, our hats are made to order so you can choose your exact size from our catalogue, or request something bespoke to suit your needs – the choices are endless! Whatever your head desires we have a custom hat for you! We can build a hat from a cloth of your choice, depending on suitability.

XL/XXL/XXXL/XXXXL Sizes Available

Bespoke Hat Design Service

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Big Hat Favourites

Find Your Perfect Fit

All made to order hats will be dispatched in up to 20 working days. Before you order, the first thing you’ll want to do is measure your head to find out what size you are (go and get the tape measure now). Click here, or scroll down to see our guide on how to do this. Our Big Hats range from sizes L to XXXXL, so as big a hat as you may need, there is something out there for you, and if there isn’t, let’s make you one!

Shopping for a big hat there are two approaches you might take: you might be simply looking for a hat that fits you in a style that you like, or you might be looking for a hat with specific proportions to flatter your face and head. If you belong to the first category, then browse on! Any of our hats will look good on your head, no matter what size it is. If, however, you do belong to the second camp and would like to think about how the shape of your hat compliments your body, check out some tips below on some of our favourite styles of hats for big heads:

Big Hat Sizing

L – 58cm to 59cm

XL – 60cm to 61cm

XXL – 62cm to 63cm

XXXL – 64cm to 65cm

XXXXL – 66cm to 67cm

The Pork Pie

The Pork Pie Hat has remained an iconic style for generations and it’s one of our personal favourites. It is quite a statement hat, favoured by musicians & music lovers worldwide. Pork Pie Hats are characterised by their narrow, or ‘stingy’ brim, and have a shorter crown than the Trilby or Fedora, so if you’re not looking to add that extra height then this one’s perfect for you. Because they’re a bit shallower, the Pork Pie is designed to sit quite high on the head which, if you get the right size, makes it a great choice for big heads who aren’t looking to hide in the crowd!

The Trilby

The Trilby is another classic hat popular amongst our wider crowned customers. With a narrower brim than the Fedora, angled down at the front and turned up at the back, the Trilby works on big heads as well as it does any other, as a casual and comfortable hat that has the ability to elevate any outfit. Our take on the Trilby moves away from the traditional felt version and comes in many different fabrics, our most popular being leather. Discover our collection of made to order Leather & Material Trilby hats in your size, with a variety of colours, textures with sophisticated band detailing.

The Cowboy

The classic American Cowboy Hat is a must have in any hat enthusiasts collection, and its wide brim means it’s also perfect for evening out proportions on your head. Take advantage of the Cowboy Hat’s fun and adventurous nature by choosing a brightly coloured material, or keep it classic with a brown or black leather.

The Fedora

The Fedora Hat has a soft brim with an indented crown, it’s usually creased lengthwise, down the crown and pinched towards the front of the hat. Originally popular with gangsters this classic suits all shapes and sizes. The pinched crown will add some height while the soft brim will keep your proportions even.

The Bucket Hat

Originally a functional sailor’s hat, the Bucket Hat has soared in fame and popularity over recent years and remains the perfect shelter from rain or shine. Find one that fits snugly, and doesn’t sit too high on the head and this will suit any head shape or size.

Happy Heads!

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The Hattic How To Measure Your Head

Struggling to size your larger noggin? It’s better for accuracy of measurement if you ask someone to do this for you. So, using a tape measure of plastic or cloth, measure the circumference of your head just above the top of the ears and just above the brow. Make sure the tape lies midway on your occipital bone (the small bone in the centre at the back of your head). Make it a firm measurement, not too tight or loose. Let it sit how you’d like the hat to sit.

If you are measuring up for a leather hat, I will account for the inevitable give in the leather after a few wears of the hat. This hat does need to be a snug fit at first to allow for the give.


Dealing directly with you – the hat lover – helps us keep costs low and quality high. Tell us what you want and we will look after it from start to finish. We are only as good as our last hat so customer satisfaction is very important and we welcome feedback.

You’re welcome to come and visit the Hattic by appointment.

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