About The Hattic

Welcome to The Hattic, a charming hat studio masterfully curated by Jill Corbett. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Brighton, UK, we have been meticulously crafting bespoke hats since 1989, becoming a beacon of elegance for hat enthusiasts across the globe.

Crafting Hat Wonders: Every Shape, Every Size

At The Hattic, our passion lies in fashioning hats that transcend ordinary headwear. With an artisan’s touch, we bring your hat dreams to life, meticulously hand-stitching each creation to perfection. Whether you envision a classic design or dare to embrace avant-garde styles, our skillful hands and dedication guarantee an unparalleled hat-crafting experience.

Personalised Craftsmanship: Your Style, Your Story

Step into a realm of endless possibilities as you collaborate with us to create your dream hat. Imagine a hat handcrafted to fit seamlessly, adorned in your chosen materials, colours, and linings. Our Custom Hats selection boasts a spectrum of options, such as Pork Pie Hats and Trilbies, while our Off the Shelf Hat collection offers ready-made delights ready to wear..

A Monogrammed Signature: Elevate Your Hat

Seeking that extra touch of personalisation? Discover the allure of a monogram embroidered lining—a distinctive detail that reflects your individuality. Your hat becomes a canvas of self-expression, embodying your unique style, it’s also perfect for gifting!

Global Elegance, Timely Delivery

Distance knows no bounds at The Hattic. Our captivating custom hats traverse continents, arriving at your doorstep with a promise of beauty and quality. We are committed to dispatching your made to order creation within 20 days of your order, ensuring you can flaunt your new accessory with pride, in no time. Or select one of our ready to wear Off The Shelf Hats and you’ll be wearing it in no time.

Visit Us at The Hattic, Brighton

We extend a warm invitation to visit our studio in Brighton, East Sussex. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and immerse yourself in the world of fine hat craftsmanship and boxes full of materials and inspiration!

Meet Jill Corbett & Monty


Happy Head Reviews

I call this The Hattic Wonderwall!

Thank you for the perfect new addition (bottom right) that arrived today. It‘s spending the rest of the day on my head!

Adam G

Red Fur Trim & Leather Hat By The Hattic

Rarely do I wear my hat out and am not stopped to be complimented on it!

I arrived with a vague idea and Jill turned it into a tangible dream that I absolutely adore. I could not recommend Jill’s hats enough, she puts a personal and unique touch into every stitch!


Bomskare Band Wearing Jill Corbett Pork Pie Hats
The Hattic Testimonials Bombskare Jumping Onstage
Hattic Testimonials | Bombskare Jump On Stage

Quality Pork Pie Creations

The Hattic has been supplying us with her quality pork pie creations for years. They last forever and only ever need to be replaced when they get stolen. If you want to look as cool as us, check her out…


Jill’s Hats Are Beautiful, High Quality, And Made To Last

I own a lot of hats made by Jill Corbett at The Hattic; I won’t say how many because it makes me sound obsessive. I own leather, canvas, and linen, all pork pies. I have bought “off the rack” and custom. I love every one of those hats, and everyone has received compliments from total strangers — teenage checkout clerks, older ladies working airport security, and every single employee of every hat shop I have ever worn one into. Jill’s hats are beautiful, high quality, and made to last with care and craftsmanship.

Mike H

Gold Leather Cap By Jill Corbett The Hattic

I love a hat, especially if it's made by Jill Corbett. My head is very rarely seen without one.


Happy Heads Club Simon S Review
Happy Heads Club Simon S Review

Style, craftsmanship, quality materials, and excellent customer service are always the best!

If you’d like a hat, speak to Jill and see what she has got to offer – style, craftsmanship, quality materials, and excellent customer service are always the best – if you don’t want a hat from Jill, you should seriously be asking yourself the question “why not?” for me Jill’s hats have become an enduring love

Simon S

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