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Custom Hats

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What ever your head desires we have a custom hat for you! We can build a hat from a cloth of your choice, depending on suitability. From order we aim to deliver your unique hat to you within three weeks.

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Dealing directly with you – the hat lover – helps us keep costs low and quality high. Tell us what you want and we will look after it from start to finish. We are only as good as our last hat so customer satisfaction is very important and we welcome feedback.

You’re welcome to come and visit the Hattic by appointment.

Making Heads Happy Since 1989

Trading from a sunny Hattic in Brighton UK, we have been making heads happy worldwide since 1989.

We offer craft, style, comfort and durability. Our hats are hand cut and hand stitched to provide a custom fit. They are constructed in leather, cotton, canvas, tweed and other chanced upon materials – hence the one offs and short runs of certain models. Properly looked after they will last a lifetime.

We offer a range of materials sizes, colours and linings so that each hat really is personal to you. Go further and have a monogram embroidered into your chosen lining if you like. From order we aim to deliver your unique hat to you within three weeks.

The Hattic How To Measure Your Head

Sizing Guide

Struggling to size your noggin? It’s better for accuracy of measurement if you ask someone to do this for you. So, using a tape measure of plastic or cloth, measure the circumference of your head just above the top of the ears and just above the brow. Make sure the tape lies midway on your occipital bone (the small bone in the centre at the back of your head). Make it a firm measurement, not too tight or loose. Let it sit how you’d like the hat to sit.

If you are measuring up for a leather hat, I will account for the inevitable give in the leather after a few wears of the hat. This hat does need to be a snug fit at first to allow for the give.

Get In Touch

You’re welcome to come and visit the Hattic by appointment. Simply pop your details in our contact form and let us know when you would like to visit us and we’ll get to back to you confirming a time and date.

+44 (0)1273 670 940

18 Jew Street, Brighton, BN1 1UT

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