Fedora Hat

The Fedora hat has a soft brim with an indented crown, it’s usually creased lengthwise, down the crown and pinched towards the front of the hat. The Fedora Hat has fallen in and out of popularity over the centuries, originally a popular look for gangsters, then a signature style for hipsters in the early 21st Century, however later the Indiana Jones films would revive the popularity of the Fedora Hat. Choose from a range of made to order Fedora Hats in an array of materials and colours. Why not take a look at our best selling Fedora Hat in Cracked Brown Leather.

Design A Custom Hat

Dealing directly with you – the hat lover – helps us keep costs low and quality high. Tell us what you want and we will look after it from start to finish. We are only as good as our last hat so customer satisfaction is very important and we welcome feedback.

You’re welcome to come and visit the Hattic by appointment.

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