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Photo Credit: Bombskare

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Red Fur Trim & Leather Hat By The Hattic

Rarely do I wear my hat out and am not stopped to be complimented on it!

I arrived with a vague idea and Jill turned it into a tangible dream that I absolutely adore. I could not recommend Jill’s hats enough, she puts a personal and unique touch into every stitch!


Bomskare Band Wearing Jill Corbett Pork Pie Hats
The Hattic Testimonials Bombskare Jumping Onstage
Hattic Testimonials | Bombskare Jump On Stage

Quality Pork Pie Creations

The Hattic has been supplying us with her quality pork pie creations for years. They last forever and only ever need to be replaced when they get stolen. If you want to look as cool as us, check her out…


Lee Rogers Hattic Testimonial
Lee Rogers Performing In Jill Corbett Hat

They Have That Classic 'Rock 'n' Roll' Vibe To Them

I got my hands on one of Jill’s hats back in 2005. I wore the hat to death on my gigs all over the world back then! I still have it, though I’ve kind of lost it to my son, so Jill very kindly made me a new one!! I love her hats, they have that classic ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ vibe to them. As a musician I like to reflect my own personality, Jill’s amazing art adds to that in a big way!

Lee R

Gold Leather Cap By Jill Corbett The Hattic

I love a hat, especially if it's made by Jill Corbett. My head is very rarely seen without one.


Black Lab In Hattic Pork Pie Hat
Man At Q & M In Pork Pie Hat By The Hattic

Love Your Hat Mate, Can I Try It On!

Toyah, Slade, Dr Feelgood and The Alarm have all copped their eyes in awe at my array of pork pie hats from Jill at The Hattic! I have worn these hats for well over 10 years. Indeed along with my Gretsch guitar, they have thankfully turned into a bit of a trademark for me. Being partial to a bit of modernism, Jill’s stingy brim pork pies are the obvious go-to for the boy about town. These titfers are beautifully crafted and boy do they take some wear. Imagine the hours on stage and all the grubby hands that “love your hat mate, can I try it on”! They take it all in their stride and still show little signs of abuse. I to continue the abuse as they accompany me on my social visits to the pub on a regular basis! A hat for every occasion. Jill, may you long continue with your exquisite little works of art.

Mark - Man At Q And M

The Hattic Testimonials Selfie
The Hattic Testimonials

I Can't Wait To Order My Next!

Jill, you are a master of your craft and a wonderful person to work with to walk through the process of getting THE perfect hat. This one has held its shape and form despite the 100+ degree South Texas heat and rains! I can’t wait to order my next!!!!

Richard C

Syd Slacks and His Elastic Waistband Playing In Jill Corbett Hats

Jill is an artist in her own right...

Peter C

What A Great Hat

My hat arrived today, I’m very pleased. It is so great that you could turn the fabric so the saxophone is in front of the Porkpie hat, as I play and collect saxophones, and Danish Grandfather clocks (Bornholmerure) as you might guess 🙂 I wore it the other day for the first time when shopping, and a nurse stopped me outside the supermarket, raised her thumb, and said “What a great hat” Can one be more happy…Thank you so much.


Jill’s Hats Are Beautiful, High Quality, And Made To Last

I own a lot of hats made by Jill Corbett at The Hattic; I won’t say how many because it makes me sound obsessive. I own leather, canvas, and linen, all pork pies. I have bought “off the rack” and custom. I love every one of those hats, and everyone has received compliments from total strangers — teenage checkout clerks, older ladies working airport security, and every single employee of every hat shop I have ever worn one into. Jill’s hats are beautiful, high quality, and made to last with care and craftsmanship.

Mike H

The Hats Fit Your Head Perfectly

I fell in love with Jill’s custom-made hats, as they are unique, not a big-box corporate trend. The hats fit your head perfectly, because they are made for you, and you alone. They are comfortable to wear, the more I wear them, they shape and form to my head. They feel good to wear. And I often get asked, “Where did you get that fabulous Hat???” Thanks to Jill!!!

Adam N

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