8 Piece Cap – Leather cracked brown

No hat collection is complete without a good cap. In all its different variations – 8 piece, baker boy, newsboy, flat cap, baseball – the cap is a timeless classic. Comfortable, casual and made to order to fit your precise measurements, at The Hattic we make high-quality caps for men and women. Choose from leather, water-repellent canvas or wool and tweed caps to find the perfect style to suit you. Our Caramel Leather Flat Cap 6 piece looks good with everything and works year round, or for a water-resistant alternative try our Canvas 6 Piece Flat Cap available in a range of colours.

Baker Boy & Newsboy Caps

At The Hattic we make a few different takes on a 6 or 8-piece cap, which you might know better as a newsboy or baker boy cap. It’s a classic cap, made up of 6 or 8 panels that can be crafted in a variety of different materials. Traditionally, newsboy caps would be wool like this classic 6 piece Baker Boy Style Tweed Cap. But our leather newsboy caps make a more standout alternative and are made to order to fit your head, making it the perfect cap for both men and women. After a few wears of our leather newsboy style caps, they will feel like an old friend. Make your cap even more personal, by adding your own embroidered monogram to the lining when you order!

Design A Custom Hat

Dealing directly with you – the hat lover – helps us keep costs low and quality high. Tell us what you want and we will look after it from start to finish. We are only as good as our last hat so customer satisfaction is very important and we welcome feedback.

You’re welcome to come and visit the Hattic by appointment.

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