If you are looking for a winter hat that will last you a lifetime, then you are in the right place. Every hat you see featured here is handmade in Brighton. We have a range of unique and durable hats to keep your noggin warm and dry whatever the weather.

Staying Warm In Style

As the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to start looking ahead and planning our winter wardrobes. Sometimes bundling up for colder weather can make it feel hard to express ourselves through what we’re wearing – hidden beneath the same big coat or jumper. That’s where the perfect winter hat comes in: it’s functional, it’s stylish, and when it’s from the Hattic, it is as unique as you are! Our men’s winter hats will keep you looking cool while staying warm through winter.

Men’s Winter Hats

Who said Winter hats had to be woolly? There’s a time and a place for every hat, but at the Hattic, we’re all about sorting out your winter wardrobe with something a bit different. So you can stroll through the coldest months always looking dapper, while staying warm and dry, come rain, come snow, come shine! Since most of our body heat escapes through our head, wearing a hat through the coldest months is always a wise choice. And with the British climate generally being quite mild, the element we most often need to fend ourselves against is – you guessed it – rain.

What to Look For in a Mens Winter Hat

If you are looking to stay cosy then it is best to opt for a deeper hat that covers your whole head. Winter Bucket Hats, Trilbys, and our Eight-Piece Caps are perfect for keeping you snug.

The Trilby Hat is a casual and comfortable option. Sitting on the crown of your head with its downward fracking brim it could be the perfect option to keep you looking stylish, whilst still feeling cosy this winter. Why not try one of our Made To Order Leather Trilbys, available in a range of rich colours to bring warmth through the greyest months. If you want to be a bit more ornate, opt for one like this with a band!

If a cap is more your thing then check out our gorgeous handmade range. Another comfortable and stylish choice, our Eight-Piece Caps will keep you cosy and complement your winter wardrobe perfectly. After a few wears your cap will start to feel like an old friend – wear it everywhere.

If you’re after a wide brim to protect your face then you might be interested in a Leather Cowboy Hat or wide brimmed Fedora (if you’d like the brim a little wider, just ask!). Our current Cowboy Hats are made of distressed or battered leather, which tends to hold up a little stronger than regular leather. This makes it a hardy choice to take you through winter, while the wide brim will help shelter your neck and face.

Stay Dry With A Water Repellent Hat

With wet weather being a staple of winter, a water repellent material is a good place to start with your winter hat. We have water repellent options available for most of our staple styles. These are usually made from dry oilskin. Traditionally worn by sailors and fishermen, dry oilskin is a dependable, water repellent fabric that is built to last you a lifetime. An oilskin canvas or cotton hat is the perfect accessory to keep your head dry.

An oilskin hat with a wide brim? Even better. Try our Tall Fedora in Dry Oilskin for the perfect winter fedora hat to keep you dry in style.

Alternatively, another weather ready material you might choose is waxed leather. Our unisex Waxed Leather Bucket Hat is a versatile and timeless take on the nineties classic. But let’s not forget, bucket hats have their roots in functionality as they were originally worn by fisherman and farmers to keep dry. The Bucket Hat sits directly on the crown and covers the whole head – which means it won’t blow off with a sudden gust of wind – and its steep brim will help keep you protected from the elements. Winter Bucket Hats are the perfect alternative to your usual seasonal headgear!

Tweed Mens Winter Hats

Get cosy in a warm tweed hat. Tweed is a winter classic, a durable wool material designed for British weather. This year we have a new collection of tweed men’s winter hats to top your noggin, now available at The Hattic!

Like what you see but have a vision for a small adjustment? Contact us with your request, and we’ll do our best to craft your perfect winter hat!

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